Artistic hand-drawn babysitting business cards

Free templates or print 1,000 for $24.95. Are you looking for cute and caring babysitting business cards? At Enksy we specialize on children illustrations. Nothing better than children illustrations to convey the message of love and caring for the little ones that will connect with parents. In our range of templates, you will discover babysitting design ideas that you can customize and print to take your business to the next level. For each purchase at Enksy you are supporting independent artists and illustrators.

How can I edit the babysitting business card? +

Once you have chosen the base template you like most you can click on it and you will be directed to the product page. On this page you have direct access to customize and edit your business card. You can edit any text on the business card and add text fields, images, logos and any additional information. This page might take a few seconds to upload as it is uploading an editor with plenty of functionality.

What should I include on the babysitting business card? +

The most important to include on a business card is basic contact information. We suggest you also add certifications and specific child training and their safety (i.e. First aid). It is also important to add any specific experiences that show your value as babysitter and increases the trust parents will have with you. Finally, we suggest to add your current studies as parents might recognize your studies as someone with patience and education to be with their kids.

Why should I create a business card with an illustration? +

One of the best moments parents and kids share is reading time, when parents read out a book with children illustrations. Having similar illustrations on your business card will bring their minds to that loving moment. If you love being with kids and like caring for them this type of business card will say that through the illustration. Parents might be anxious on who to leave their kids with and an illustration will communicate the right level of trust.

Are the templates free? +

Yes, at Enksy we only have free business card templates. Artist that contribute to the illustrations and templates earn their living when you decide to print the business cards. There is a good revenue share fee with artists as Enksy's mission is to support independent artists. The more you print with Enksy, the more you support independent artists.

How do I get my babysitting business to stand out? +

If you want your business to stand out avoid using standard templates or 'machine' created templates that will make your business card look like any other business and any other baby sitter. The artist created cards will make you stand out and even give a talking point with parents when they see the illustration.

How can I create my own babysitting business cards? +

Are you looking to start your babysitting business on a small budget? All Enksy templates are free to use and you only pay for printing. As low as $9 USD for a professional looking and trusting babysitting card.

How can I download the free babysitting business cards? +

Apologies but our solution to download free business cards is in beta mode. We are working on its upgraded solution. During this time we have decreased the business cards pricing to compensate for this so you can get the most affordable business cards on your doorstep.

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