Print customizable birthday cards

Are you wondering how to design a birthday card? Regardless of the age 1st year, 2nd year, quinceanera, 18th birthday, 21st birthday, 30th birthday, 90th birthday, anniversary or surprise, you can create a memorable and unique card for the occasion. The birthday cards are great either as a greeting card, invitation card or party invite and either for a boy or a girl. We have a great variety of birthday card templates, designs and styles created by artists and illustrators. You can use our card maker to personalize your birthday cards online editing the templates by changing any text and adding additional ones as well as adding personal images or pictures. We recommend combining an illustration on the front side with all the details of the birthday person and a personalized message or picture on the back.

Does Enksy provide free birthday cards? +

At Enksy all birthday card templates are free. Enksy only charges for the printing. When you customize and artist created card and purchase the print the artist will receive a significant revenue share on the printing fees. So the templates are free, and we support independent artists through the prints. We strive for competitive print prices.

How can I get custom birthday card free templates from illustrators and artists? +

1. First you will need to choose from a broad range of artist created illustrations and designs. 2. Secondly you will need to go into the specific design and edit the information with your baby shower details. 3. Thirdly you should select the paper type and finishes that you like 4. Finally you can proceed to pay for the prints and have them delivered to you. You don't pay for the templates, the artists earn on a revenue share with Enksy.

What should I write on the birthday card? +

We always recommend to be authentic and mention the personal link you have with the person. If doubtful you can get started with some classic expressions like 'It's your day, and can't wait to celebrate it with you' or a simple 'Happy Birthday!'. We always see good birthday cards making mention of something you have done together with the person doing the birthday. We always recommend to print cards on both sides so that they have the full effect. The backside has enough blank space to write your personal note. If you are on a tight budget you can then just print the front side.

What are good birthday cards? +

A good birthday card is as good as the loving reaction it creates to receive it. Receiving a card is already a big step, if the card then brings an emotion to the recipient then you have done great. Illustrations and pieces of art are powerful means to communicate and hence create a more memorable moment.

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