Basketball posters

Are you looking to create a Basketball poster for a tournament, try out or other event? Regardless if it is to announce try outs, announce a match, create a team poster or an announcement poster we have the designs you need. We have a great variety of templates, designs and styles created by artists and illustrators. You can use our poster maker to personalize your custom posters being able to edit any text and adding additional ones on the templates as well as adding personal images or pictures.

What should I think about when creating a basketball tournament poster? +

In the midst of all the coordination and excitement of organizing a Basketball tournament here are some tips to creating a great poster: 1. Choose a unique design so that your poster is memorable and if it has a nice illustration participants will want to keep it. Think even if you want to use the poster as a fund raiser for the club. 2. Download a good quality image of the teams emblems/logos so that it is fully personalized 3. Please review you have included all the needed information: Location, website, phone numbers, emergency contacts, organizer details, etc. 4. Don't forget to include your sponsors, as even local amateur club sponsors like to be shown on posters, even if it is with a tiny logo or small mention.

Does the price adjust if I buy several posters? +

Yes. There is a significant decrease in the price per piece as you increase quantity. A single poster costs $6.99USD whilst if you buy 10 it already costs $4.34USD each and if you buy 100 it costs $2.34USD each.

What size of poster should I buy? +

This depends completely in the use case. If you are going to use the posters to attach to window doors or inside small spaces like local restaurants and bars we suggest you use the smaller format 11"x17" as it is more discreet. If you are going to use it to advertise on the street or on large window panes then we suggest you increase the size for best visibility and impact.

Can I ask for a customized illustration or design? +

Absolutely, we will be happy to help. If you send us your requirements at we will prepare a proposal for you without any obligation. We will normally ask for any guidance/ preferences that you have and then engage with our artists to create proposals for you to choose at no cost.

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