Artistic hand-drawn baby shower invitations

Print 20 for $31.80 USD. Are you wondering how to design your custom baby shower invitations online? We have a large range of designs and templates from independent artists. Every purchase supports independent artists. You can use our card maker to personalize your custom cards being able to edit the templates changing any text and adding new ones as well as adding personal images or pictures. The templates editor is very easy to use with intuitive visual menus.

How far in advance should I send baby shower invites? +

We recommend sending our baby shower invitations five to eight weeks before the baby shower. If you are planning to have the baby shower around the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy, we would recommend sending the invites around month four or five of the pregnancy.

How can I get custom baby shower free templates from illustrators and artists? +

1. First you will need to choose from a broad range of artist created illustrations and designs. 2. Secondly you will need to go into the specific design and edit the information with your baby shower details. 3. Thirdly you should select the paper type and finishes that you like 4. Finally you can proceed to pay for the prints and have them delivered to you. You don't pay for the templates, the artists earn on a revenue share with Enksy.

Are the templates free? +

Yes, at Enksy we only have free business card templates. Artist that contribute to the illustrations and templates earn their living when you decide to print the business cards. There is a good revenue share fee with artists as Enksy's mission is to support independent artists. The more you print with Enksy, the more you support independent artists.

How can I make my baby shower memorable? +

A key piece in making a baby shower memorable is in creating invites that ignite a reaction to those receiving it. Using a children illustration or an artist created design will create a memorable experience to your attendees a part form receiving a pleasant looking piece of art. Illustrations convey a level of emotion that is unparalleled to other means.

Are there combining Baby Showwer Posters with the same designs? +

Many artists create combining posters for your baby shower and you can find them on the posters section under Baby shower posters. If you don't find a combining product with the design you want to print just send us an email and we will create it for you completely free of charge. It will be our pleasure to make your baby shower look great.

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