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Alternative medicine poster

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Alternative medicine poster



This Alternative medicine poster is 11" x 17".
The Enksy Posters come in three different sizes 11" x 17", 18" x 24" and 24" x 36". Each artist has selected the most suitable size for the occasion and some have created different sized versions of the same template. The small posters are suitable for indoor announcements and menus. The large posters are great for outdoors and film size poster announcements.


This alternative medicine poster is to promote an event or communicate the existence of a local service. The designs contain floral and natural designs as many alternative and integrative techniques are deeply rooted in nature like aromatherapy, magnetic field, herbal medicine, homeopathy or ayurvedic. A few leaves at the center are shining both showing that they are a precious resource and a powerful source of healing. This design exists in an invitation card format.


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