The Flying Papaya



Hi! I'm an Illustrator based in Lisbon and I like to create beautiful illustrations!

Project request




Dance school business card

Customize your business card with this magical drawing! Inspired with the concept of "stardust"

Dance school invite

Impress your guests with this customizable invite. This image will inspire people to enroll on your course. It is a beautiful illustration inspired on "stardust". Pretty and delicate.

Night Sky Observation invitation

Mystical and romantic invitation inspired on moonlight and surrounded by plants in a greenhouse.

Night Sky Observation Poster

Beautiful and mystical poster A3 to hang or frame wherever ou want. This illustration creates a gorgeous night sky vibe and cozy feeling.

Dance school poster

Big size poster A3 size to hang on our walls or to frame. Perfect to emphasize you walls with a beautiful and sweet illustration. This illustration inspires light, magic and beauty.

Birthday party invitation

The perfect invitation card to celebrate a birthday. This illustration is called " dinner party in the woods". Sweet little animals that decorate your birthday card. Perfect for children's birthday

Birthday party poster

Beautiful and sweet poster to decorate your walls. It is perfect to hang in your walls or frame it and decorate the birthday party.


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