Ruby Sgueglia



Ruby Sgueglia is a Hudson Valley based artist and illustrator. They received a BFA from Parsons School of Design and briefly studied classical art in Florence, Italy. Ruby is a multimedia creator and is open to all projects, no matter what shape or size!

Project request





Gender Diversity Workshop and Seminar Poster

A bright and colorful poster featuring a group of friends sitting in a circle and talking to each other. This poster can be used by educational, professional, or private institutions.

Gender Diversity Workshop

Gender Diversity Workshop poster is designed for use in any sector, professional or private. Events and programs that may find this product useful include any kind of Human Resource training events, public workshops focused on diversity and social justice, and school events meant to teach students about gender and the LGBT+ community.

City/Urban Planning Poster

This city or urban planning poster features a illustrative birds eye view of a city set against a black background with clouds and a sun. This product can be used for town hall meetings and other forms of city planning programs but can also be used effectively in any urban-focused events.


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