My name is Iva, I am an illustrator and graphic designer from Serbia.
My art inspirations are books, animated movies and everyday life.

instagram: @ivikivi.art

Project request




Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon opened now with special offerings

Valetine's Day special offer

A poster for restaurant's special offer for Valentine's Day

Easter egg hunt

A cute poster for Easter egg hunting. Hop on over!

Baby shower invitation

Invite your family and friends to your baby shower with this cute invitation

Bakery's anniversary poster

it's your bakery's anniversary today, let people know about your sweet deal and celebrate together

Halloween party invitation

An invitation for a spooky party in your city

Halloween Party Poster

A perfect poster for a spooky Halloween party in your city

Birthday invitation card

Invitation card for a birthday celebration. Invite all of your classmates to celebrate your birthdays together.

Happy Birthday Poster

A poster for school classrooms where you can list all the birthday celebrators in a week or a month

Invitations for a Crafts Wokrshop

Invite your friends to make little crafts together

Poster for Crafts Workshop

A poster for a neighborhood school, a crafts workshop for our little ones. Let's be creative together!

Christmas Market Invitation card

Spread some Christmas joy with this invitation card

Poster for Christmas Market

Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas! Who doesn't love a lovely cup of mulled wine on a Christmas market


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