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How can I start selling on Enksy? +

You just need a seller account to start selling on Enksy, which you can create here. Keep in mind that we distinguish between buyers and sellers so, if you already have a customer account, you need a new designer/seller one to launch your career on Enksy.

What can I sell on Enksy? +

As a designer, you can sell templates for the most demanded products in the market from which you will receive a fee every time they are printed. For the time being, you can upload templates for the following products:

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Cards and Invitations
  • Posters

Do I have to pay to start selling on Enksy? +

As a designer, you don’t have to pay anything to start on Enksy. When selling templates, you won't be charged any fee from us.

The only fee that you will be charged is the Paypal fee everytime you collect your income. This will be 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee for designers based in the US. Outside of US designers will be charged 4.4% transaction fee plus an additional fee based on the designer currency.

How much do I get paid for Templates? +

From selling templates on Enksy, you’ll get a fee of the total order (shipping not included) everytime a user prints them.

You’ll get a 20% commission if your designs are exclusively sold on Enksy. If you are using your designs also on other platforms, you’ll receive a 10% fee.

What does Exclusive Designs mean? +

We offer a 20% fee per order on those products that are only uploaded exclusively on Enksy and therefore they can not be found on other online websites or platforms. For those uploaded also on other marketplaces, we offer a 10% fee.

The exclusivity of the designs only affects online services. We have no problem if you use your Enksy exclusive designs on off-line channels with individual clients or personal projects.

How does the Referral program work? +

As a designer, you have the chance to get an extra 5% fee on product sales by sharing them.

Can I choose the template prices? +

We want to keep a commitment to fair and competitive pricing to customers using your templates, so they look attractive to purchase. As such, the prices of the printed products are decided by us following those principles.

How will I get paid? +

All transactions in Enksy are made through PayPal to have maximum security. You will only need a Paypal account to collect the funds from your products.

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